• Welcome to Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist. Cat Behaviour Explained. Below are snippets of recent vet testimonials.

    “Dear Anita,

    Thanks so much for seeing Indiana for us. I am very impressed with your behaviour report, and I’m sure her owners are too! We will 100% be referring cat behaviour cases to you in the future (from both our Notting Hill and Baron’s Court branches)”. Emily Conroy MRCVS – Notting Hill & Baron Court Vets
    Best wishes”
    Emily Conroy MRCVS – Notting Hill & Baron Court Vets

    “I am very impressed by her passion and dedication to her job – she is very skilled and knowledgeable.

    I am a veterinary general practitioner myself and it is common to have behavioural issues within the small animals world. I would refer all my cases to Anita – she makes all the difference if you’re looking for an improvement in your relationships with your beloved pets”

    Silvia Prigitano, MRCVS


    “We would thoroughly recommend Anita for a cat’s eye perspective of the world, she is thoroughly enlightening and very friendly too”

     Claire Bass – Humane Society International
    “We regard Anita as the Mary Poppins of the cat world”
    Hana Luna – recent client

    “I give people the option to seek Anita’s help as its hard for us to advise on the phone”

    Matthew Pearson | Cat Adoption Officer, The Mayhew Animal Home


    “I understand behavioural problems require more detail and so I found your full report interesting and helpful to read to improve my understanding. Thank you!”

    Emer Lenihan – MVB MRCVS, The Royal Veterinary College


     “I believe Anita is an asset when it comes to cat behavioural issues, which unfortunately are becoming more and more common in house-cats. I will be happy to continue referring cases to her”

    Marcella Chelli-Nuzzo MRCVS, MSc – Foxgrove Vet Centre/Vet Care Emergency


    Anita Kelsey holds a first class honours degree in Feline Behaviour and Psychology (work based BA Hons) and runs a vet referral service dedicated strictly to the diagnosis and treatment of behaviour problems in cats.  Middlesex University also awarded Anita the Gerry Fowler Prize for achievement in recognition of her work and final result.  Cat Behaviour Explained to cat owners is Anita’s priority. Her consultancy, dealing with strange cat behaviour, is based in Notting Hill but home visits are conducted all over London and the UK. She has been passionate about cats her whole life and has intensively studied the behaviour of cats under the guidance of internationally renowned cat biologist Roger Tabor. Roger is one the most respected and sought after experts in the world in relation to Cats, their behaviour, psychology and relationships with people. Anita then went on to complete a three year work based BA (Hons) at Middlesex University, as part of her Notting Hill certified clinical animal behaviour practice. She is also a fully accredited member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA*). Referrals for an appointment are booked via your veterinary practice. Species specific means you will get the very best understanding of your cats behaviour and an expert cat behaviourist. Anita is also a specialist mobile cat groomer who works closely with vets on aggressive or phobic cats. Cat Behaviour Explained in a way a cat owner can truly understand.

    Anita also works with many feline rescue centres such as The Mayhew Animal Home who have started to refer to her on a regular basis.

    CPD (Continued Professional Development) is at the forefront of Anita’s work ethics. Keeping up to date with the latest feline research has always been part of her professionalism and plays a major part in her behaviour practice.

    Your Cat magazine has Anita on their experts panel answering questions on cat behaviour and grooming as well as being a featured writer.

    cat behaviourist

    Cat Behaviour Explained.

    Home visit consultations are recommended in the majority of cases. Home visits give true value for money and are the difference between calling NHS Direct and seeing a specialist face to face in your home. There are so many factors to consider when dealing with any behaviours although, if distance is an issue with any client (such as clients based overseas), consultations over the telephone, email or Skype will be considered.  All cat behaviour consultations are thorough and continued support is always given.

    • Please check with your insurance company regarding claiming back your consultation fee as companies vary on policy. The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association is recognised by most insurance companies. The CFBA is the professional voice of the pet behaviour practitioner, representing an unequalled body of knowledge concerning the care, training and behaviour of dogs and cats in the UK.  Full members are drawn from the top ranks of the profession with a common commitment to achieving, maintaining and directing the highest possible standards.

    No stone is left unturned in helping you, the cat guardian, live a peaceful and stress free happy life with your cat. Understanding cats is one of Anita’s lifelong interests and passion and clients see her as a friend who offers an unique lifeline especially when things seem desperate.

    Anita openly welcomes all cat behaviour enquiries however big or small and will travel all over London and outside if required.

    To take the first step to having your Cat Behaviour Explained please email info@catbehaviourist.com. Your email will be answered as soon as possible and you will be guided through the process to see how you wish to proceed.

    For any cat behaviour issues or if you wish a day visit for kitten advice or advice on how to make your home more suitable to share with a cat(s) please don’t hesitate to contact Anita, a London based Pet behaviour Counsellor with a gentle manner and very big heart.

    NEW INTERNATIONAL CAT BEHAVIOR CONSULTATIONS are being offered for cat owners experiencing cat related issues. These are being offered due to the amount of emails Anita receives asking for help. International cat behavior consultations still require a referral from a veterinary practice. The consultations are conducted via Skype or email.

    NEW BOOK OUT NOW – CLAWS – CONFESSIONS OF A CAT GROOMER – available 7th September 2017. pre-order now. For media enquiries Anita is represented by Robert Smith Literary Agency: http://www.robertsmithliteraryagency.com/

    Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist


    cat behaviour expert UK

    Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist. Cat Behaviour Explained.


  • Claws. Confessions Of A Cat Groomer

    Author of Claws. Confessions Of A Cat Groomer. Published by John Blake.


    Featured writer for Your Cat Magazine

    Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist. Cat Behaviour Explained.

    Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist. Cat Behaviour Explained.

    Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist. Cat Behaviour Explained.

    Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist. Cat Behaviour Explained.

    Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist. Cat Behaviour Explained.


    “We will always be grateful to Anita for all her help –

    she really talks to and understands cats in a way no other person can!”

    Mara Hernandez – Client Bermondsey, London


As part of your cat behaviour consultation Anita can assist with all manner of issues including:

Accreditation/Qualifications and the CFBA

What is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist?

There is a lot of disinformation on the internet. Everyone appears to be an expert. Clients who have a problem with their animals will often seek a solution online before calling a professional in. Many times irreparable damage has been done by not calling a professional right from the beginning.

A clinical animal behaviourist has been accredited by a separate body after qualifying in their chosen field in behaviour. The study is usually over many years and not a quick 4 week course. A clinical animal behaviourist should typically have studied at university level. The practitioner will then have to go through strict membership interviews and checks before becoming a full member of a separate animal behaviour association  – for instance the CFBA (Canine and Feline Behaviour Association). The CFBA has a rigid code of conduct and asks for a minimum of 20-30 written case studies from the practitioner’s own experience, references and proof of accreditation/qualification.

An interview with the practitioner is then conducted so show that the clinical animal behaviour practitioner knows what they are talking about and are confident, competent and presentable in their interview. The CFBA only accepts behaviourists who are species specific and have studied their chosen animal for years. They do not accept all round animal behaviourists who may cover a wide variety of different species. In line with their name, the CFBA mainly accept practitioners who work with either cats or dogs.

There are two main recognised behaviour associations including the ASAB (Association for The Study Of Animal Behaviour) and the CFBA mentioned above.

A practitioner has to belong to either organisation for a client’s pet insurance company to recognise the expertise of the behaviourist. Without the chosen animal behaviourist’s membership of the CFBA or the ASAB, a client cannot claim back their behaviour fees. Vets in the UK recognise and accept all CFBA and ASAB members and will recommend them to clients.


It’s important that the behaviour expert identified is someone with the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to treat your pet. Anyone can call themselves a behaviour expert, but many do not possess up-to-date knowledge or the necessary skills required to treat pets with behaviour problems.

Anita Kelsey has full accreditation by the CIDBT under 2 years study and guidance with tutor Roger Tabor (as mentioned above) His books on cat behaviour are:

100 Ways To Better Understand Your Cat -‘100 Ways to Understand Your Cat’

Understanding Your Catis Rogers most recent book, published by David & Charles Ltd, and for F & W Publications in the US & Canada, and in numerous language editions in other countries.

Roger Tabor’s Cat Behaviour ‘Roger Tabor’s Cat Behaviour’ and subsequently ‘Understanding Cat

Behaviour’ were published in the UK by David and Charles and in North America by Reader’s Digest.

  • Resolving cat behaviour issues

cat behaviour explained

Cat expertThe Rise Of The Cat – ‘Cats; the Rise of the Cat’ (BBC Books) was a best seller for Roger in the UK
and had Dutch, German and Japanese language editions. It accompanied his ground-breaking BBC TV series ‘Cats’, and it records Roger’s first hand exploration of the origins of the cat and historic breeds around the world, and initiated the concern about some modern breeds.

Understanding CatsUnderstanding Cats – Understanding Cats’ became a Reader’s Digest best-seller in the USA, and after it’s success as a hardback in the UK it was issued as a softback, and in Hungary & Germany as HB, and France as a paperback. It accompanied his BBC TV series ‘Understanding Cats’: (a DVD of the series is available from Pets on Film)

cat behaviour and problemsThe Wildlife Of The Domestic Cat – The Wildlife of the Domestic Cat’ (Arrow) Roger’s award-winning first cat book was recognised by Britain’s leading cat charity, Cat’s Protection as “the standard work on the feral cat” by Daphne Negus in the US as “the most informative book ever written about how cats have behaved since time immemorial, and the uncompromising lives they lead in our modern urban society” and by Dr Desmond Morris as “one of the modern classics of feline literature. One of the two best cat books ever written. An original, pioneering study of urban feral cats and their social organisation”.

Anita is now reading for a work-based studies BA as part of her cat behaviour practice (currently in her second year) and has been accepted by the CFBA as a full member after passing all examinations of her work and an interview. Her practice is in line with the CFBA’s code of ethics.

About the standards of The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association of which Anita is a full member.

What are Canine/Feline Qualifications?

If you want to employ the services of a canine/feline expert then they must be trained specifically in dog/cat behaviour.  Animal behaviour study is different and contains a much diluted form of canine/feline behaviour related study and cannot be compared to a qualification specific to dog/cat behaviour.

It is important that the person you see for your dog/cat behaviour is highly skilled, trained, and most of all experienced, with a history of client centred and canine/feline behaviour success. These successes should encompass canine/feline behaviour solutions where extensive handling skill of all breeds has been needed, especially in the area of dog on dog aggression/cat on cat and dog/cat on person aggression. The CFBA select from Britain’s top academic and vocationally trained canine/feline practitioners.

Government & Industry Leaders

To help with public confidence in the profession, we have appropriate checks and balances accreditation through courses from university Foundation degree level through to MA Degree standard.

We work with the Animal Welfare Committees of Parliament and the most senior pet organisations in the UK like the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council whose rules we adhere to. This organisation works towards bringing all organisations under one umbrella to help consolidate the best standards in dog/feline behaviour in the United Kingdom and has led the way towards high standards of care and knowledge. 

The PETbc was the first organisation to be formed during the Companion Animal Welfare Council (CAWC) meetings and the Chairman, David Cavill, was complimented on the formation of it by none other than Sir Colin Spedding (who was chairing the CAWC meetings) saying that he hoped all the other organisations would join. The PETbc has much veterinary science support and is now leading the way forward for the benefit of all pet species, but especially canines/felines.

The second main organisation we work with, and are members of, is The Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners (RCDTBP) a transparent and collaborative organisation with access to a vast pool of knowledge for the media, the public and research organisations. The PETbc and the RCDTBP together make up the largest group of professionals in Britain who have the skills to rehabilitate problem dog behaviour in the entire spectrum of behaviour problems presented.

What is an Expert in Dog/Cat Behaviour?

It is important that the public become more aware of who they choose to see their dog/cat and that the person they choose is properly trained, not just academically but, of equal if not more importance, has extensive vocational experience.  Animal Behaviour is NOT a qualification of specific expertise in dog/cat behaviour: it is too general and most cases the degree has little canine/feline specific module content or none at all.

Animal behaviour degrees do not teach practical hands on experience with dogs/cats, especially not with serious behaviour issues like aggression. The students therefore have no exposure to a behaviour that is becoming more common in society, neither do they have access to the experience which will take years of critical training to achieve.

We use the University of Middlesex Academic courses that incorporate and appreciate past canine/feline behaviour experience, experience vocationally and moreover accept courses which are canine or feline specific. If you want the best canine or feline practitioners you need specialised academic qualifications gained in these subjects and which have real dogs in real situations being used for teaching the nation’s future experts from University Certificate to Masters Degree Level

If you wish to read more about what qualifications are recognised and what the generally accepted standards are in canine/feline behaviour, see the Pet education Training & Behaviour Council

Chairman - Colin Tennant FCFBA.


Yours magazine issue 249 (05/07/2016) Bauer Media

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