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Welcome to the page of Anita Kelsey

Cat Behaviour Expert in the UK. The only feline specific behaviourist, in London, who is also an expert cat groomer.

I want to thank Anita Kelsey, cat behaviour consultant, who was suggested to me by another vet as a reliable cat behaviourist who is a member of the CFBA (Canine and Feline Behaviour Association). I will definitely suggest her cat behaviour consultation services to clients with cat behavioural issues. I am a veterinary surgeon myself and I have already referred her a case.

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About Anita Kelsey – Cat Behaviour Expert

  • Anita is a certified and vet referred Cat Behaviour Expert  (BA Hons ), MCFBA,CIDBT) after studying feline psychology and cat behaviour with renowned cat specialist and biologist Roger Tabor. Anita is not an all round animal behaviourist but species specific. She has studied cats only and knows their natural behaviours inside out. She is a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association (CBFA) and received a first class honours degree at Middlesex University after completing a three year work based BA (Hons) focused on her own cat behaviour practice. Click to Read more about the Canine And Feline Behaviour Association Of The UK. Anita is the resident behaviour expert for stylish pet magazine Style Tails and is a regular featured author for the CFBA magazine and web site. Your Cat magazine has Anita on there experts panel giving advice on cat grooming as well as a featured writer on cat behaviour
  • Anita runs a vet referral cat behaviour consultancy dedicated strictly to the diagnosis and treatment of behaviour problems in cats.

  • Anita qualified as a master cat groomer in 2011 and now has a long list of regular mobile cat grooming clients in and around London. Most vet practices in London and surrounding areas send difficult cases her way whereby a cat is extremely matted, aggressive or terribly frightened. Low stress handling techniques, alongside her knowledge and understanding of cats, has enabled Anita to work with the most extreme cases. She is the only mobile cat groomer in London and the rest of the UK who also runs a cat behaviour practice. Specialised grooming behaviour consultations are available
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Anita runs the only exclusively feline behaviour practice in London. Appointments are made via a veterinary referral and can be between 9-6pm Monday to Friday. Evening and week-end visits can also be arranged upon request. Although based In London Anita will travel for a cat behaviour home visit consultation anywhere in the UK. International clients can receive consultations via Skype. Cat Behaviour Expert home visits are recommended on most UK visits.

“Many of the complaints noted by clients reflect undesirable but normal behaviours that occur because of artificial social situations in which we force cats to live” Karen L Overall


  • Anita’s objective has always been to gain the best understanding possible of everything feline, their origins, habits, patterns within their species, health, diet, breed personalities, needs connected to that breed – she wants to help change any problematic relationship between cat owners and their cats to harmonious. She has a particular leaning towards helping owners understand the needs of their indoor cats and, although not an advocate of keeping cats housebound, Anita will work hard towards getting the balance right in the home so that the cat has the happiest possible life indoors if the former is not an option.

    Anita is a huge supporter and regular volunteer at The Mayhew Animal Home and assists them with rehoming visits. She lives with her husband, a successful music producer, and two Norwegian Forest cats.


  • Meet the cats of a cat behaviourist ;-)

For any enquiries regarding a consultation with Anita Kelsey – Cat Behaviour Expert please email info@catbehaviourist.com

For any enquiries regarding a cat behaviour/grooming consultation please email grooming@catbehaviourist.com

About Anita Kelsey - Cat Behaviour Expert

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