I’m very proud to have been included in the Global Health & Pharma awards for 2018: https://www.ghp-news.com/2018-the-animal-health-and-wellnes ……. I was nominated and have just won best cat behaviourist and groomer 2018.

More about the animal health and wellness awards:

Animals have always been a vital part of our lives; from the pets we keep at home to the animals who carry and support us, they all play a crucial role in supporting our continued wellbeing and happiness. Driven by technological advancements in veterinary care and a significant increase in the companion animal population, the Animal Health market is anticipated to grow considerably by 2025.

As such, GHP’s Animal Health and Wellness Awards return for the 3rd year to acknowledge and reward those who work to support the welfare, care and wellness of animals and to recognise those who have gone beyond their duty of care to improve their health. Ultimately, the aim of the programme is to showcase the achievements of companies associated with the health, wellness and welfare of animals in addition to veterinary medicine across the globe.

Winners can rest assured that their success was truly deserved, as we employ a thorough research process to make certain that only the best receive one of our prestigious accolades”


All winners can be seen HERE