BEST 20 NON FICTION BOOKS by My Weekly books editor Claire Gill.

So thrilled to be in such good company! Thank you to Claire Gill. Let’s Talk About Cats came in at number 17 of the best 20 non fiction books of 2020!!



  1. A Promised Land (Crown) By Barack Obama. In this first volume of his memoirs, the former president reflects on his political rise and his initial term in the White House.


  1. The Greatest Secret (HarperCollins) by Rhonda Byrne. A long-awaited major work, which lays out the next quantum leap in a journey that will take the reader beyond the material world and into the spiritual realm, where all possibilities exist.



  1. A Life On Our Planet (Witness Books) by David Attenborough. Britain’s best-known natural history filmmaker releases a deeply moving and personal account of the state of our planet.  With a career spanning nearly seven decades, 94-year-old Attenborough explores and documents the natural world as he has seen it and the decline of the planet’s environment and biodiversity.


  1. 30 Days Kick Start Plan (Bluebird) by Joe Wicks. Arguably a hero during lockdown, Joe Wickes has inspired young and old with his down to earth virtual workouts. Wickes’ new release is a 30-day plan full of 10 new HIIT workouts as well as 100 healthy and delicious recipes to get you moving. A great book to keep you motivated and healthy inside and out.


  1. More Than A Woman (Ebury) by Caitlin Moran. Touching on topics from bad marriages to dealing with teenagers, ageing and sisterhood… her thoughts on paid childcare for stay-at-home parents are valid, her make-up lesson with her daughter heart-warming.


  1. A Del Of A Life (Century) by David Jason. Celebrating Sir David Jason’s 80th year, his new book relives his 50 years in entertainment. Looking at the back of David Jason’s biography, it’s apparent that the man is timeless. Both in his work and life that twinkle in his eyes never fades.


  1. The Wisdom Of Call (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) by Heidi Thomas. From the most watched British drama in the world comes a beautiful anthology of inspiring wisdom – touching on love, loss and friendship and wrapped in beautiful photography. The words of the Sisters and Nurses of Nonnatus House have never been more needed.


  1. Quiet (HQ) by Claudia Winkleman. If you want the truth – ask Claudia. Written in bite-sized sections, these nuggets of wisdom will serve you well. Her say-it-as-it-is approach and warm humour take you on a Winkleman journey – you really feel as if you’ve got underneath that fringe and into her head and thought processes.


  1. Heroic Animals (John Murray) by Claire Balding. Written on the premise that every animal has a tale to tell, Balding takes you on a journey of over 100 creatures, who all have heroic stories. From the horse who survived the IRA bomb to the elephant who saved a young girl form the tsunami in the Indian Ocean.


  1. My Life In Red And White (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) by Arsene Wenger. Life and work kick off the field of discussion in Wenger’s official autobiography. This is full of all the expected tales of unprecedented success as Arsenal’s manager through to his role as Chief of Global development for FIFA.


  1. This Is Me (Michael Joseph) by Sophie Hinchliffe. We’ve all heard of the cleaning sensation that is Mrs Hinch but not much is known about the woman behind the Marigolds. From overnight social media sensation in 2018, Sophie Hinchliffe has famously shared her cleaning tips on Instagram @mrshinchhome.


  1. Ant & Dec. Once Upon A Tyne. (Sphere). With a career spanning 30 years across TV, film and music this book feels like a conversation with the lads. Written in their famous chatty dialogue and full of never-seen-before photos and hilarious quotes, it really gives an essence of these lovable Geordies and their natural down-to-earth voices. A glossy coffee-table kind of book, one you can pick up, browse and have a good giggle over.



  1. The Archers. Ambridge At War (Simon & Schuster) by Catherine Miller. Celebrating the 70thanniversary of The Archersradio show, this book takes you back to before it began… close-knit Ambridge nestled in the English countryside, faces 1940 with a bang. War has broken out and the new year brings a truckload of evacuees.


  1. Coronation Street (Hamlyn) by Abigail Kemp. For any Corrie fan out there is the ultimate guide to the cobblers. Celebrating 60 years of drama, laughs and tears this book takes you through every one of those Diamond years.


  1. Caroline Hyans Skincare (HQ) The perfect book for those in need of some skincare SOS, with great tips on simplifying your routine. Teens, women and men of all ages can enjoy her skintacular, no- nonsense advice.


  1. Star Wars Thwarn (Del Ray) by Timothy Zahn. An all-new trilogy, focusing on the ever-popular character Thrawn. From the No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, you just know it’s going to be good when the tagline reads “A long time ago, beyond a galaxy far, far, away…”


  1. Let’s Talk About Cats (KiZa) by Anita Kelsey. If your nearest and dearest are having trouble communicating with their purr’fect pals then this is one for them. Forget learning a new language, you need to learn ‘cat’.


  1. Look Up (HQ) by Sarah Cruddas. A fascinating look at the stories of those who have ventured into space and the sacrifices they made. This is a book with an important reminder – how space is part of our past and more importantly our future.


  1. MumLife (Blink Publishing) by Louis Pentland. No-nonsense musings from Sunday Times bestseller author Pentland on her journey into motherhood. The book reveals her own imperfect route, from the challenges of single motherhood to losing her own mum. Hilarious and heart breaking all at once.


  1. How To Eat Your Xmas Tree (Hardie Grant Books) by Julia Georgallis. A hybrid of a book, which sets out notes on sustainability at Christmas time, types of trees and hints for reusing your Christmas tree. This leads into recipes from preserves and ferments to sweet treats, drinks and feasts.



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