can anyone help me with my cat?

Everyone’s an expert

I see these seven words repeated hundreds of times over web sites such as Facebook and breeder forums with hundreds of people responding with advice sending the cat owner, with a cat behaviour or cat medical issue, running in all directions.

The one direction I do not see the cat owner running in is the right one. To call a vet and a cat behaviour specialist. Two professions that work in closely with one another and have studied the feline species for years and know what they are talking about.

It’s all very well going onto You Tube to watch a video on how to fix your TV ariel or change a car wheel but getting to the bottom of a cat with a medical or behaviour issue is a different matter. Precious time is wasted scouring the internet for information when the first port of call should be a professional. We wouldn’t go to unqualified strangers to ask them to fix our teeth or click our backs into place so why is it that cat owners turn to the internet first to get countless peoples opinions on why their cat is behaving in an odd or undesirable way?

At best advice can only be general and at worst can be wrong and merely guessing what the matter can be. Cat behaviour issues have many factors to explore and take into consideration when diagnosing. No cat has the same personality, no cat has the same history, no cat carer has the same thoughts and feelings, no environment is the same and no outside territory is the same. Every situation needs professional and personalised evaluation.

The next time you go to write ‘can anyone help me with my cat’.. stop! Pick up the phone and speak to your vet who will have a much better idea and will be able to point you in the right direction. It will save precious time and get you the expert professional help you need to sort the issue out once and for all.

can anyone help me with my cat?


Contact should you wish to seek professional qualified advice on feline issues.