Angela Stephens - cat Maddie - cat behaviourist Essex testimonial

Lovely Anita came to assess my very sweet but very nervous cat Maddie. Maddie has had a rough start to her little life so when I acquired her 2 years ago, I was given a cat with a lot of health problems and behaviour issues. As a result of her 'past' Maddie was constantly urinating outside her litter trays and causing a lot of upset and confusion as I have tried everything to make her feel safe and happy. I was at my wits end after trying to fix this issue for 2 years. When Anita arrived Maddie took an instant like to her and it was almost like Maddie fell under Anita's magic spell. I had never seen my cat so engaging with a new visitor to the house. Anita did a thorough assessment during her visit and then left me with a few suggestions on how to make Maddie more relaxed and happy and also suggestions on litter tray positions, sizes etc. I put everything in place straight away and by magic my cat has become the most friendly , happy and loving little girl I could have hoped for. The change in Maddie, just by making the small adjustments Anita suggested have been remarkable. There has also been a huge improvement with her litter tray issues. I am very grateful for Anita's advice and genuine care for my cat, and I would highly recommend Anita to anyone. An amazing woman.
- Angela Stephens

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