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These past few months it was always on my agenda to do an article on GPS trackers but I always got sidelined when it boiled down to doing the research.

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Having just read a wonderful little gem of a book called LOST CAT by Caroline Paul it has tempted me to get on with putting up some of the best GPS devices on the market so that cat guardians around the globe can relax at home whilst watching what their furry friend gets up too when they creep out of that little catty door. I’ve also listed kit cams which are great for spying on your cat whilst your at work ;-). cat trackers and GPS devices should be at the top of any cat guardians shopping list.

  1. The Scout 83 pet monitoring camera

kitten expert adviceNow you can communicate with and watch your pets from anywhere in the world with the superb quality Motorola Scout 85 Connect HD Pet Monitor! Featuring super easy setup, the Scout 85 connects to your home’s wi-fi and allows you to record and watch HD 720p video and communicate with your pets. Watch, record, talk to and listen to your pets in real time from a smart device or computer!

The new Motorola Scout 85 Connect HD Pet Monitor has been upgraded with improved video and picture quality, remote HD video streaming and Cloud-based recording storage.

The Motorola Scout 85 Connect HD Pet Monitors camera allows for remote panning, tilting and digital zooming, giving you 300 degree view of your home and pets, all from an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

Not only will this system give you peace of mind and added security, but it will also allow you to take great pictures and record videos of your pets playing – perfect for Facebook or Youtube! The sound and motion detection system means that you’ll never miss out on your pet’s activities again as you monitor them from the free high tech Hubble App!

2. Eyenimal Cat Videocam

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The Cat Video cam allows to catch beautiful scenes from your cat eyes. It’s the essential device of the owner who wants to know everything about the behaviour of their cat.

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3. The Pettorway Pet Tracker  – X1 and X2


The Pettorway X2 GPS Pet Tracker is designed specifically for cats and dogs and their owners. Have you ever wondered where your furry friend goes when you let them out? If your Pet goes missing would you like to know their exact location? The Pettorway X2 Live Tracker will help you discover your pets adventures and keep them safe.The Pettorway X2 is Water proof,Lightwieght,easy to use and you can even upload their travels and adventures to our dedicated online community.

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cat trackers and GPS devices

The Lost Cat web site has some further information on cat cams with tried and tested results for all to see after the book was such a success. Click the purple link below for in-depth information on:

  • Cat cameras
  • Cat trackers
  • Cat video cameras
  • Drones
  • In house surveillance

How to track your lost cat

A great web site for Mr Lee’s original cat cams can be found HERE

You can follow The Lost Cat on FACEBOOK

And the author’s web site: CAROLINE PAUL

Keep track of your kitty and lets have less lost kits on our watch!!