Best cat interactive toys

Toys and play therapy are paramount for a cat’s wellbeing especially a cat kept exclusively indoors. Play therapy promotes stimulation, hunting hard wired reflexes, exercise and human to cat bonding. All things a cat needs to remain alert, healthy and content.


Hunting toys on fishing rods and battery operated toys excite even the laziest or oldest cat. I know because whenever a client tells me their cat does not play I prove them wrong. It just means you have to find the RIGHT toy and I generally have a car full of them!!

Above is my cat Kiki. She loves Frenxy da bird toy and also her numerous cat towers. Pity she doesn’t like the taste of my bamboo plant!!!

You can also find some great kids toys which are battery operated. Just make sure your present during playtime and don’t leave any smaller objects out incase your cat gets excited and tries to swallow the battery operated bugs being sold on Ebay!


If you wish any advice on cat toys or would like a home session with Anita Kelsey, Certified Cat Behaviourist, then please contact Anita will visit with a selection of interactive cat toys to try out on your cat as not all cats like the same thing. These sessions save you time and money buying the right toys to suit your cat’s personality.

We hope you have enjoyed the Best cat interactive toys advice.

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