Adina David – Central London cat behaviour testimonial – Belle

Anita is the best! I adopted my beautiful indoor long hair cat in NYC before moving to London for work. Belle was an adult female cat at the time of adoption (between 6-8 years old) and was extremely skittish and uncomfortable around me and other humans. I thought we had started to bond over the 20 months prior to finding Anita in London, but Belle was still being difficult, occasionally going to the bathroom outside of her litter box and generally still acting skittish around me. I didn’t think that a cat behaviorist would do much given the months of care and love I’d put in with Belle, but Anita came very well prepared and within 1-2 hours had a laundry list of things we could do differently (and things we were doing wrong/ had to change) to engage with Belle more, make her happier/ feel less trapped and discourage her from using the sofa as a toilet. 3 months after Anita’s visit and post the implementation of her suggestions, Belle is happier and more relaxed around her humans and she’s finally stopped using the sofa as her second litter box! Highly recommend Anita!!
– Adina David





















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