An article by Pet Plan on how far do cats roam

Nicky Trevorrow teamed up with pet insurance company Pet Paln to assist with a fun info packed article on where cats roam and what the little tinkers get up to. so, how far do cats roam? Let’s delve deeper.

It is estimated that there are 8 million pet cats in the UK spread over 12 million pet-owning households. Most cat owners will have wondered at some point or another, “just where does my cat go exactly and how far do cats roam?”

At Pet Plan, they wanted to do the hard work for you and collect some key facts about our furry friends. With the help of Nicky Trevorrow, who works at Cats Protection, they speak of all aspects of our cats roaming to help the cat guardian have a far better understanding.

You can read the full survey HERE

how far do cats roam

But… in a nutshell and according to Nicky:

The distance individual cats can roam from their home varies enormously. Some cats may never leave their own garden, while others travel far and wide. But the average roaming distance is actually pretty small — at just 40 to 200 metres from home. 

I think that pretty much sums up how far do cats roam. Don’t you?