Ruby and Magnus – Steven Parr. feline behaviour issue testimonial

Hi Anita

Once you explained to us what Ruby’s condition was we were able to understand her needs.Ruby does not attack me any more and allows me to stroke her on her terms. She never sits on my lap, one day i feel she will as she trusts me, i can pick up her bowls while she is eating without fuss!!! She totally adores Tania, that dose not mean she will not hiss at her now and again, but that is our Ruby. She feels safe here and sleeps on our bed or in the rear bedroom.We are so happy for her, she has come a long way in the last year. This may not of happened without your help.She tolerates Magnus, she is like the teenager with an annoying younger brother!!! All he wants to do is play and be with her, sometimes she allows it, other times she wants to be alone!!!We have missed so many times when they have played, eaten and slept on the same bed because we never had our phones ready to capture the moment. They are so different that it is nearly impossible to arrange feeding or playing, it just happens. They may never be the best of friends and we accept that, but Ruby watches Magnus and copies some of the things he does, because he does not have a bad bone in his body we feel he is good for her.Recently we had to take Ruby to the vets for a check up, something we dreaded. Tania put her in her cat basket, no trouble and she allowed the vet to check her over without any blood being spilt!!!Although Magnus is nearly twice her size, she is still the boss.
Thank you Anita for helping us with Ruby, without you we would still be in the dark.