Chantelle Duncan – Hastings cat behaviour testimonial

Having two relatively happy cats, I created a very unhappy ménage a trois by introducing a 3rd cat. We gave it a year but by then it was difficult to see which cat was the problem as one of our original cats had become so violent towards the new cat and occasionally her old compatriot. The spraying and fighting became a daily event so I re-homed the offending cat. However in doing so, it became immediately apparent that we still had a problem. I didn’t know what to do. With Anita’s kind and non-judgemental approach, I was able to step back from the situation I had created, see it with clarity and then make the appropriate moves to right my wrong. With some luck and Anita’s guidance, I was able to re-home the newer cat and bring our original cat back home. Bingo. The house is once again harmonious in a way that I could never have imagined a few weeks ago. Thank you Anita.

Hastings cat behaviour testimonial



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