Anton Babey – Cat Cleo – Kent feline behaviourist feedback


We got in contact with Anita to help us solve the problem with Cleo peeing on the sofa and bed, which she had done regularly since being re-homed with us a year ago. Anita was very accommodating and did her best to see us as soon as possible. When she came to our house, she explored all of Cleo’s movements around the house and interactions with us, and we were really surprised with the amount of things which needed to change to not only cure our problem, but to improve Cleo’s life and happiness. We implemented most of the new regime within a few days, and within a week, Cleo was behaving totally differently. She is SO much happier, friendly, attentive, interested and we are so glad we found Anita. Cleo has not peed outside her litter tray now for over 3 weeks, and although we cannot rule out accidents in the future, we have constant access to Anita should any problem develop. I would recommend Anita for anyone looking for a happy cat.



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