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Getting your kitten used to being handled, groomed and used to water is one of the most important things you will ever need to do, because your cute fluffy kitten will soon be a fully grown adult cat who will need you, its guardian, to be in charge of the upkeep of its coat.

For long haired cat breeds such as Persians, Chinchilla Persians, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest or Siberian cats, it’s imperative that owners understand the correct way to groom their cat. This includes the correct tools to use and the most stress-free handling techniques.

kitten grooming sessions in the comfort of your own home

Kitten grooming consultations are designed to be fun for your kitten and educational for you, the cat guardian. They will help you understand:

  • Why your kitten needs to be groomed
  • The correct grooming tools to use
  • How to groom your kitten and make it fun
  • How to get your kitten used to being groomed
  • How to bath your kitten
  • The correct way to clean your kittens eyes and ears
  • How to clip your kittens nails and how to get your kitten to tolerate having their nails clipped.

Money wasted on the wrong grooming tools and bad grooming techniques can set you back £££s in the long term and create lifelong misery if you are left with a cat who hates being combed.


Be careful, there is a LOT of misinformation on the internet about cat grooming!

London veterinary surgeries refer many difficult cases to Anita when a cat’s coat has become severely matted. Anita Explains:

“If a long haired kitten is not trained to enjoy the grooming process, a cat carer could end up with an adult cat who does not like being combed. This in turn can lead to wrong choices being made, especially when the cat becomes matted. If a cat is handled roughly and already dislikes the grooming process for any number of reasons, this can destroy any trust for future grooming, resulting in more matting and frustration all round. Worst cases end up with a cat having to be groomed under sedation, which is far from ideal.

I have many many cases where I’m called in by vets as a last resort. The pattern has been set. All of this could have been avoided with early training of cat handlers and conditioning of cats.”

To avoid the above scenario grooming steps should be introduced right from kitten stage. Think of it as an investment because you will need the skills throughout your cat’s (hopefully long) life!

Your kitten grooming session does not include shaving of matts because Anita will teach you how to avoid ever getting to this stage. The best way of grooming your cat is to work with it still in kitten stage to get him or her used to the whole process.

All kitten grooming sessions come with an introduction pack that clearly explains all aspects of grooming, including photo’s to help with

  • nail clipping
  • grooming tools
  • bathing equipment
  • bathing and grooming techniques.
  • step by step training


If you have just purchased one of the cat breeds below and wish to learn how to get your kitten used to being groomed then please email kitten@catbehaviourist.com

kitten grooming sessions last 1- 2 hours. Getting your kitten used to the grooming process should start as early as possible and should be fun!

kitten grooming sessions
Norwegian Forest Kitten
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Ragdoll kitten
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