Fahemi Soltani – Kitten introduction advice (testimonial)

Anita came to our rescue four days ago after three weeks of us struggling with introducing our new 3-months kitten (Velvet) to our 5-months kitten (Attenborough). We had been reading everything on the internet and tried every single method but were getting more confused and hopeless day after day.  Thanks to her knowledge, experience and deep understanding of feline behaviour, Anita was able to immediately assess the situation and provide us with her precise advice, which completely transformed the dynamics of our house in less than 24 hours. She is very approachable and responds to all our questions and queries within minutes. We are forever thankful to her and are now two very content kitty parents who understand our little fluff balls a lot better, living with two very happy and lovely kittens (as you can see!) :D. The best Kitten introduction advice.

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Are you seeking kitten introduction advice?

kitten introduction advice

Anita offers home consultations to help with feline behaviour issues such as introducing kittens to one another or cats to a kitten or adult cats to adult cats.

The cat owner needs careful expert advice to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved.

All homes, whether in London or UK, can be visited.

Fahemi, Attenborough and Velvet are now extremely happy and you and your cats will be too.

Email: info@catbehaviourist.com

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