In these stressful modern times we can now find some inner peace – with a kitten meditation class.

The Blue Cross has launched the holistic video, Karma Kitties, which includes rescue cats purring, playing and snoozing to help people unwind.

The project’s co-founder Alexa Frey told the Sunday People: “There’s so much research ­showing the calming influence of cats on humans and so it marries really well to the principles of mindfulness.

“We hope the class brings calm and tranquillity to people all across the country and encourages people to bring a rescue cat into their lives.”

It can be viewed at and comes hot on the heels of doga – yoga classes with dogs, which are increasingly popular in the UK.

Pets have been shown to lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, ­chilling owners out and ­reducing blood pressure.

Owners are less likely to ­suffer from depression – just cuddling an animal releases the happy hormone oxytocin in you and them.

In fact, experts claim pets could save the NHS £2.5billion a year.

Studies have revealed that cats, dogs and other pets can cut cholesterol and improve heart function and ­cardiovascular fitness. This lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Pets are also handy helpers when we recover from illness or battle long-term conditions, providing activities and therapy to help improve social, ­emotional and cognitive functioning.

Exercising your dog daily can lower blood pressure and owners suffer fewer minor illnesses, such as colds.

Daniel Mills, a professor of ­veterinary behavioural medicine, said: “The benefits of responsible pet ­ownership are clear. I’ve seen pets have dramatic effects on autistic children.

“Understanding the subtleties of how people and pets work together is vitally important for the well-being of both and has the potential to make a massive difference to public health.”