Amy O’connor – Testimonial for the London cat behaviourist

Our vet referred us to Anita after continued toileting on the bed by our cat Stevie Nicks during the first 7 months we’d had her. Anita asked extensive questions via a pre-consultation form and then spent an hour and a half in our home to understand the space and observe Stevie. Though there were no obvious triggers or answers, Anita is working with us to make some changes and improvements, and crucially the ongoing contact with her via WhatsApp has been such a comfort. We haven’t solved the problem completely as there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme nor reason to her behaviour, but having Anita there to bounce ideas off of and give reassurance has been 100% worth it and we’ve really appreciated all her help so far.



Contact the London cat behaviourist Anita Kelsey.

Anita is the UK’s most renowned expert on the subject of cats and will visit your home to personally access your unique situation.

Behaviour issues can range from:

  • Feline territorial aggression
  • Feline re-directed aggression
  • Feline OCD (excessive grooming, etc)
  • Feline predatory aggression
  • Fouling around the home
  • Feline spraying/marking
  • Furniture damage

to other cat related issues such as:

  • Feline obesity
  • Problems arising from confinement/in-door cat problems
  • Inter-cat relations/Multi-cat household tensions
  • Feline separation anxiety
  • Confidence building with shy anxious rescue cats
  • Low stress mobile cat grooming & grooming behaviour training (Anita specialises in working with aggressive, elderly or phobic cats)
  • Expert advice from the London cat behaviourist

All enquiries most welcome.

Anita can also offer Skype behaviour consultations for international residents as well as UK residents so please also get in touch with your feline issue and post code.

the London cat behaviourist is just an email away.