An In home mobile cat groomer can be arranged if you reside in London or Greater London.

Anita trained to master certification in cat grooming and has a particular interest in working with cats that do not like the grooming process and need expect handling.

mobile cat groomer


Anita combines her wealth of feline behaviour knowledge to ensure that every visit runs as smoothy as possible. No restraints, such as face muzzles, or rough handling such as scruffing, is ever used. Empathy and holistic methods gives owner and cat peace of mind.

Specialised grooming behaviour consultations can be arranged should your cat have grooming issues. This means a behaviour modification plan will be put into place rather than just turning up to complete a groom under adverse circumstances.

Anita’s degree dissertation, at Middlesex University, was a study on cat aggression during grooming combined with a study on how to reduce any grooming aversions.

Feel free to contact if you are seeking a mobile cat groomer. More information can be found at



All enquiries are most welcome.

Main photo by Robert Siljka

Photo above by Time Out photographer Rob Greig.