Claire Harman – Chester North london cat behaviour consultation

North london cat behaviour consultation

I’ve grown up with cats all my life, especially Burmese cats, my Mum was a breeder, we had 7+ cats at any one time along with litters of kittens etc and consider myself a crazy cat person.. My lovely Burmese boy Chester has always been difficult, but when we had a baby, despite making all efforts to make him as relaxed as possible and him actually being really great with the baby, the lack of attention from me and some other issues with neighbourhood cat, started to cause Chester to spray inside the house. I tried everything I thought would help to stop the behaviour but it became so very bad, and so very stressful for all of us, that after checking it wasn’t a health issue my vet referred us to Anita. Anita spent two or more hours at our home, she sent us a full detailed report later that day and I truly felt that she’d really understood Chester’s personality. She gave us some simple inexpensive suggestions on things to add to our home and our routine with Chester, and within a day or two we started to see great improvement.

He stopped waking us up during the night, being a pest during the babies bed time and stopped jumping at the bedroom doors. Chester is a changed cat! He’s much more relaxed and affectionate and we’re enjoying his company so much more. Anita continues to be in communication with us, checks up on our progress regularity, and has made further helpful suggestions along the way. I can’t thank her or recommend her enough.

– Claire Harman

North london cat behaviour consultation

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