Paul Harris – cat Ramisses – North London cat behaviourist

Anita visited us to help with various naughty behavioural issues that our “teenage” Bengal cat has developed. Thoroughly professional and very friendly, we’ve introduced some of her suggestions already with more to try and have noticed an immediate improvement in our problem child’s behaviour. Full after-care service is being provided until we’re all confident the malignant teenager has transformed into a star pupil!

Would highly recommend.

North London cat behaviouristNorth London cat behaviourist

Are you seeking a North London cat behaviourist?

If the answer is yes then please contact Anita on

Anita’s consultancy is vet referred but once she gets a referral you will be given a home visit as soon as possible, usually within a week or less.

You can be assured of a first class service where you will be treated with compassion and understanding and not judged.

Issues can range from:

  • Feline territorial aggression
  • Feline re-directed aggression
  • Feline OCD (excessive grooming, etc)
  • Feline predatory aggression
  • Fouling around the home
  • Feline spraying/marking
  • Furniture damage

to other cat related issues such as:

  • Feline obesity
  • Problems arising from confinement/in-door cat problems
  • Inter-cat relations/Multi-cat household tensions
  • Feline separation anxiety
  • Confidence building with shy anxious rescue cats
  • Low stress mobile cat grooming & grooming behaviour training (Anita specialises in working with aggressive, elderly or phobic cats)

All enquiries most welcome.