review of kalven deluxe gym cat climber

With the help of Luna and Amertis. Review by Anita Kelsey.

There is one company that I trust  implicitly to help me out when it comes to cat furniture and multi cat tensions and that company is KALVEN.

When dealing with cat introductions or re-introductions the key factor is space plus plenty of resources. In this case with resident cat Luna and newer kitten Amertis, space was not on our side and so we need vertical spaces to aid us with our controlled positive play sessions.

The Kalven deluxe gym cat climber was perfect for these sessions. Sturdy, extremely well made and with plenty of different levels to explore, we managed to interest both cats in their new ‘toy’ so that they did not focus on one another.

Progress has been slow but the arrival of the new climber really pushed things forward and has helped both cats to be in close proximity without the usual grumbles.

Here’s some videos below of the cats exploring the deluxe gym cat climber.


There are plenty of other great products on offer such as lovely tall cat scratching towers 

and multi bed towers so a great shopping experience for any cat lover.

Below are some more photo’s of my two behaviour cat clients.


review of kalven deluxe gym cat climber

review of kalven deluxe gym cat climber      review of kalven deluxe gym cat climber    review of kalven deluxe gym cat climber    review of kalven deluxe gym cat climber review of kalven deluxe gym cat climber

Cat climbers from Kalven can also be used on controlled meetings by playing with one cat on the top of the tower and the other cat on the floor. Positive associations when two cats meet stay in a cats mind and help relations enormously.

Feedback of the deluxe gym cat climber from my cat behaviour client and owner of Luna and Amertis:

Amazing cat climber! I have bought cat climbers before from other companies but they have always been a bit wobbly and not lasted very long. The cat climber from Kalven is very sturdy and great quality. My cats both love it!  Being indoor cats it’s a great addition to the home to give them something to climb and it looks really nice too.

Would highly recommend Kalven to anyone who is looking for any cat furniture!


Progress with Luna and Amertis continues. With the help of Kalven and the patience and love from their owner the outcome is looking extremely favourable.


The Deluxe Gym with bed cat scratcher

The Deluxe Gym with bed cat scratcher provides your cat with lots of exercise plus a comfy place to sleep afterwards, making it perfect for indoor cats.

With plenty of platforms to run and jump around on, lots of poles for scratching away, a plaited rope for attacking, and a top bed for snoozing away, this scratcher will give the most energetic of cats a good work out!

This model includes 13 solid timber, 3 inch diameter sisal wrapped posts, 4 at 19 inches, 4 at 15 inches and 4 at 11 inches, and one at 10 inches. One carpeted 20 inch square base and top platform, two 20 x 8 inch carpeted side platforms and two 26 x 8 inch carpeted crossover platforms. One 18 inch carpeted bed and a long sisal plait in the middle.

All beds come with a comfy cosy fleece insert.
The fleece can be removed and washed with a very small amount of detergent on a normal wash cycle at 30 or 40 degrees.
If you would like a specific colour or pattern of fleece, please get in touch with us to see what is available.

Replacement parts are available for this model.
As sisal is a natural product there can be slight variations in the colour of the posts.
This cat scratcher requires easy assembly, and instructions are be provided.
All sizes are approximate.

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Anita is the author of two cat books ‘Claws. Confessions Of A Professional Cat Groomer‘, published by John Blake and Let’s Talk About Cats. Conversations On Feline Behaviour