Hana Luna – Teddington Cat Behaviour Consultation

Ever since Anita came to view our cats, there has been a transformation in the dynamic between our two young cats. We regard Anita as the Mary Poppins of the cat world. She came armed with magical toys and brilliant tips for managing the psychology of our feline friends and they are now loved up and much more enamoured with each other and more respectful of each other’s space. Anita is extremely gifted at what she does.
– Hana Luna

Teddington Cat Behaviour Consultation


If you have read the above testimonial on my recent Teddington Cat Behaviour Consultation and wish to book a home consultation in or around London  then please contact Anita on info@catbehaviourist.com.

Anita’s consultancy is vet referred but once she gets a referral you will be given a home visit as soon as possible, usually within a week or less.

You can be assured of a first class service where you will be treated with compassion and understanding and not judged.

All enquiries are most welcome.

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