Cathy – cat Bluebell. timid cat advice from a cat behaviour expert

Our Maine Coon has been extremely anxious from the first day we got her as a kitten and she does not like being handled. Several months later, and in desperation, we contacted Anita. I immediately felt reassured. Further to a detailed assessment and report, Anita is in contact with me on a regular basis with step by step guidance and, in time, I have every confidence our little one will come out of her shell. We are forever grateful to Anita and feel very fortunate. Thank you!

timid cat advice from a cat behaviour expert

timid cat advice from a cat behaviour expert

If you have landed on this page then you may be experiencing issues living with a timid cat that is frightened of many things. Issues can be complex and rely on swift and correct advice from a cat behaviourist visiting the home and meeting your cat.

Anita offers professional timid cat advice from a cat behaviour expert. Home visits can be arranged within 1-2 weeks.

Bluebell and her owner, Cathy, have now received the best advice to help them with their relationship.

If you are seeking advice then look no further. All enquiries are most welcome and can be arranged as a matter of urgency.

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