Our fur companions are driving us nuts and making us run to our computers with twitchy fingers to ask why is my cat doing this and why the hell are they doing that? In the meantime our cats are relaxing in their pods from a distance wondering what all the fuss is about. So… what were the top 5 why is my cat google searches of 2017?

 * vet notes by D ElDredge, D Carlson, L Carlson, J Giffin from Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook

Why is my cat meowing?

top 5 why is my cat google searches of 2017
Photo: The Spruce

Mmmm. Let me see. I’ve no idea!!! But if it’s not a health issue (check with your vet if the crying is out of the ordinary) I would hazard a guess your little minx wants something from you and whatever that something is, it leads to the most important thing ATTENTION! Cats mainly meow at humans and have learnt that cute meows lead to getting whatever their hearts desire. it is VERY annoying 😉

Why is my cat sneezing?

top 5 why is my cat google searches of 2017
Photo: Leo’s pet care

If your fur muffin is sneezing a lot it could be a sign of infection, especially if the eyes or nose are runny so best get your cat down to the vet for a check up and to give you peace of mind. Your vet will be able to advise what the next steps are including whether antibiotics are needed. Or, it could be that your cat has been sniffing in a corner of the room never dusted after seeing a spider go there! Hope it’s the latter which is easily solved. Dust more!

Vet notes: Sneezing is a sign of nasal irritation. If a cat sneezes on and off over a few hours but shows no other signs of illness it’s most likely a minor irritation or allergy. Sneezing that persists all day could be a sign of the start of a disease like feline viral respiratory disease. The human cold virus does not affect cats!

Why is my cat throwing up?

top 5 why is my cat google searches of 2017
Photo: Food Fur Life
A cat could be vomiting for a number of reasons and the key to whether a vet should be called is how long it goes on for IE: over a few days? or whether the vomiting is violent or whether there is any blood in the vomit? Sometimes cats are sick when they eat their food too fast (most cats think they are going to starve minute by minute unless they are being fed), or if they have eaten some grass (induces vomiting to clean the gut).  Hairballs are another natural reason a cat would vomit. You should know your cat well so if you feel the vomiting is out of character and has been going on for longer than a day I would ask your vet for an appointment. Other things to look out for when your cat is vomiting are whether all other activities appear normal such as playing, going outside, being social and affectionate etc. An ill cat will show different sides to its normal personality and daily activities, which should set alarm bells ringing, or not, for a vet call.
Vet notes: Seek veterinary attention straight away if your cat is vomiting blood, bringing up smelly dark matter like feces, or is forceful projectile vomiting. A vet check should be sought if the vomiting is on and off over a period of days.

Why is my cat drooling?

top 5 why is my cat google searches of 2017
Photo; Catnip Times
A drooling cat would normally need to be seen by a vet if it’s away from normal dribbling when being stroked IE: a cat enjoying the social contact and dribbling/drooling in excitement. Away from this, it could be something to do with the teeth, gums or something stuck in the throat. Best to stop asking everyone and their aunt on social media and google search engines and ring your trusted vet instead.
Vet notes: Drooling (hypersalivation) is not normal for healthy cats unless they are known to drool when relaxed or given a tasty treat. Drooling could be a sign of rabies in some countries, heat stroke, poison, a viral infection or a foreign body in the mouth. Seek immediate advice.

Why is my cat crying?

top 5 why is my cat google searches of 2017
Photo: Google search

I am assuming crying meaning meowing and not tears like above!!? It is hard to guess what your cat could be crying about? Was dinner 5 minutes late or it’s heated pad not at the right temperature? Getting serious though. If a cat is howling or crying out, seemingly in a distressed way, then it is probably feeling pain and your vet should be called straight away. A cat, un-neutered, will also cry out seeking females and warning males.

So, there you have it. The top 5 why is my cat google searches of 2017.

Our cats are driving us mad and they love it!!!