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Beckenham, November 2nd 2016

To whom it may concern

I had the pleasure to refer one of my patients to Anita Kelsey a few weeks ago, a cat named Fantomas with

serious anxiety issues that were cause of great concern for his owners.

Anita’s response was immediate and effective, I afterwards received a very thorough report of her

assessment of the situation and her recommendations.

In a follow up call from Fantomas’ owners I was informed that he was making significant progress by

following Anita’s recommendations and they were very happy about the referral.

I was positively impressed by Anita’s quick response and thoroughness, and her willingness to cooperate

with me and keep me informed about the case.

I believe she is an asset when it comes to cat behavioural issues, which unfortunately are becoming more

and more common in house-cats.

I will be happy to continue referring cases to her should the opportunity arise.


Marcella Chelli-Nuzzo MRCVS, MSc


Above is a vet referral cat behaviourist testimonial

Below is further information

vet referral cat behaviourist testimonial
Anita with her two cats Kiki and Zaza



If you have found yourself on this page, are a cat guardian who has just read vet referral cat behaviourist testimonial then you have definitely come to the correct place.

Why does this cat behaviourist stand out:

  • Anita Kelsey, is an expert cat handler and understands cats inside out.
  • She holds a first class Hons degree after completing a work based BA in Cat Behaviour and Psychology.
  • Impeccable client references. Any clients can be contacted for further peace of mind.
  • Impeccable vet references. Any vets can be contacted for further peace of mind.
  • Full public liability insurance.
  • Last minute bookings can be considered depending on diary.
  • 6 weeks of follow up support to help you through your modification plan.
  • Day and evening appointments available.
  • Anita loves cats with a passion and understands their behaviours and patterns.
  • Expert on grooming issues and phobias.

Foxgrove Vet Centre are happy to recommend Anita’s cat behaviour consultancy to all of their clients and you and your cat will be happy too!


All enquiries are most welcome.

For grooming enquiries you may wish to visit CATNIPS