Testimonial by Simon – what to do about an aggressive cat

Anita Rocks! I had been really struggling with a cat I’ve been fostering. Poor little Mimi came to us with a very difficult past that had left her fearful all the time. This manifested in unpredictable and aggressive behaviour.

Anita has helped massively. Firstly by explaining why she was doing what she was doing and how we could help her. Anita has amazing (and deep) behavioural knowledge of cats (and humans!), and has been an incredible help. She is super professional, thorough and has supported me along the journey. Mimi has made huge improvements by following Anita’s advice and program. Thank you Anita, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to understand (and fix) their cat’s undesirable behaviour.

what to do about an aggressive cat – top feline advice?

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Anita offers home consultations to help with feline behaviour issues such as feline aggression or multi cat tensions.

The cat owner needs careful expert advice to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved.

All homes, whether in London or UK, can be visited.

simon and Mimi are now extremely happy and you and your cats will be too.

Email: info@catbehaviourist.com

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