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Jane Southcott – Bristol

Finding Anita Kelsey came about after I searched online to help me find a solution to my annual problem with my Norwegian Forest cat’s matting winter coat. The issue is he hates being groomed.

I was instantly impressed by her knowledge, care and obvious specialism she has for cats. I was disappointed however to see she was based in London while I’m based in Bath. But I emailed and Anita very kindly responded in depth in a bid to help me. I read her articles online and asked her if she would travel from London to help us.  Obviously the cost for this was high and I had to think about it very carefully. However, in the end Anita came to visit and to teach me how to groom.

My cat hates being groomedShe came armed with toys and initially introduced herself to Ole whilst getting to know him. Anita also showed me what I should wear for protection during a grooming session and the techniques I should use to hold him. Importantly she showed me that almost all of the grooming tools I had acquired over the years were useless apart from one comb.

Anita then she began to groom. Ole immediately reacted and began to fight and growl which, I confess, was quite distressing for me to see. However, Anita showed me that when she stopped and played with Ole he was fine and he didn’t try to attack her. He was purely fighting the grooming and this was not because it was hurting but because he quite simply didn’t want it to happen. He didn’t want anyone to be controlling him, having been getting his way for so long!

Anita persevered and I assisted trying to learn along the way. She had frequent breaks for play with Ole but it was a long and exhausting process for us all. I learnt a great deal about how exactly to comb the coat in small sections and ways to hold Ole. At the end Ole and I were exhausted physically and mentally, as he never stopped fighting for the entire process. Anita had to trim quite a lot of his fur off with the clippers as his rear was so matted.

Anita had summed up by advising that my husband would have to help me as Ole was so strong and she left a little message on my phone to my husband to explain this. She then followed up with notes and advice on the correct tools to buy.

She has kept in touch and subsequently went to the trouble of producing a video of how she grooms her own disapproving Norwegian Forest cat, which reinforced all the information she had given me during the groom. This was very useful to remind me of techniques.

Since her visit I have had greater success grooming Ole who still dislikes the process but who I think has, in a way, resigned himself to the fact it will be done now whether he likes it or not.

Ultimately Ole’s coat is now looking great and matt free so I feel so much happier. Although it was an expensive day, to bring Anita out from London, I think ultimately it was worth it, as I now understand what’s required. Despite Ole’s protestations, it is not hurting him and I realise that I have to get the grooming done.

I know Anita will be online to offer expert advice in the future if I need it but I’m now hopeful we have turned a very important corner thanks to her patience and advice.

 I’d highly recommend Anita’s expertise to anyone looking for specialist cat grooming advice for aggressive or difficult cats.


My cat hates being groomed…..?

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