grooming behaviour consultation

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cat grooming behaviour consultation

Louise Evans – cat Dexter

I got in touch with Anita to groom my Maine Coon cat, Dexter. Despite owning an array of grooming items, and my best efforts, it was extremely difficult to groom him because he hated it so much. The situation escalated to the point that Dexter became extremely matted and was obviously in discomfort. Anita agreed to come to our house and assess Dexter because he does not like travelling and is very nervous around strangers. I also didn’t want to put him through the trauma of being sedated at the vets. When she arrived, Anita put on calming music (which calmed me more than Dexter I think). Then she just spent time in the room with me chatting so that Dexter could get used to her presence. Then she started to interact with him using cat toys. She then asked me to hold Dexter and talk to him and she started to shave the matts out, giving him regular breaks and regular treats intermittently to make it a positive experience. Anita took her time and the session was very much geared to Dexter’s needs and keeping him as stress free as possible. The final bit was shaving around his bum and combing through his tail, by which time Dexter had clearly had enough so the session ended. Anita went through all my grooming equipment and out of all of them she said only one item was really useful, a wide toothed comb, which also happened to be the cheapest item I had bought. She also showed me how to comb him properly. Anita definitely has a way with cats and I referred to her as the UK version of Jackson Galaxy!  I would have no hesitation in using her services in the future. Dexter is much happier and more relaxed and even allows us to stroke him and comb him (in short bursts). I cannot recommend her enough.

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cat grooming behaviour consultation

Cats that do not like to be handled or groomed need special consideration. It is no good hiring a cat groomer who comes in with a firm hand to get the job done. This means the root cause of the issue isn’t looked at and means the constant circle of fear/aggression continues through-out.

Dexter, the case above, was a classic case of a cat who hated the grooming process because he wasn’t being listened too. He was already a frightened cat that didn’t relish being held and was afraid of strangers. Add to the mix being groomed by being scruffed and with the owners using the wrong grooming tools in-between sessions, and Dexter has now formed a negative association to all forms of grooming.

The foundation of a cat grooming behaviour consultation is to work with your cat to understand what is going on. How can we change what we do to make the process easier and more enjoyable for your cat.

These types of consultations are not just grooming sessions but very much take into account the behaviour of your cat. This requires a full assessment and history.

If you wish to know more about this unique type of cat grooming behaviour consultation please don’t hesitate to contact

You are not alone.

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