Grooming Buddy

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I am the only certified cat behaviourist who also grooms cats using low stress techniques drawing on my years of knowledge in handling cats. I work in the cats home so that it is as stress free as possible.

If a humans energy is one of peace and gentleness this can, as with humans, rub off on a cat who is afraid of human contact. Talking gently, slow movements, listening to the cat and working with what it presents to you can change the outcome of a perceived stressful situation.

I took the above video with my iphone after a grooming session with a persian male called Buddy. Buddy had been roughly groomed previously, in his home, and from that moment on he was terrified of strangers and any human contact. His female owner very much doubted I would be able to groom him without a struggle.

I was quite angry with whoever groomed Buddy in the past. The groomer had no understanding of a cat and especially how to handle one who obviously suffers from nervousness and lack of human contact.

I used all of my behaviour techniques to ensure the groom went smoothly and, like on all grooming sessions, used food, calming music, and gentleness to complete the groom without it being s stressful situation for the cat, owner and me!

Enjoy the video. The client was amazed at Buddys calmness and there was only one thing for it. To take a quick video of Buddy and rejoice.

It was a very special moment.

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