Anita Kelsey works everyday with cats and gets to spend time with some of the most beautiful cats in their natural territory. If you are interested in any of her photo’s below, for licensing, then please contact The cat images taken by Anita can be bought for specific and exclusive uses or licensed so please do be clear about the usage of the photo(s) you require when contacting us.

Anita is also available for photo commissions if you have a particular breed or situation in mind. As well as an avid photographer Anita writes featured articles for Your Cat magazine and is one of the leading cat behaviour consultants in the UK.

Sphynx adult cat face photo for licence                                                                 Sphynx adult cat face photo for licence

image library Sphynx adult cat

Sphynx adult cat face



Persian cat big eyes | Cute Persian cat face photo for licence
image library persian cat face





image library Scottish Fold cat


Scottish Fold adult cat photo for licence (left) – Bengal adult cat photo for licence




                                                                              Cat playing in the grass photo for licence

image library - cat playing in the grass

                                                                              Abyssinian adult cat photo for licence


image library - Abyssinian adult cat



tabby lying in the sun photo for licence




Cute Scottish fold photo for licence





Persian cat face – Persian large eyes photo for licence


photo library cute persian cat face large eyes

Adult Norwegian Forest Cat –  photo for licence





cat sitting in a box photo for licence
photo image - cat sitting in a box

Cute black kitten hunting photo for licence



image library - cute black kitten

cute black Persian cat with large eyes photo for licence


image library - cute persian kitten

Beautiuful adult Ragdoll photo for licence

image library - beautiful adult Ragdoll

cat drinking water licking lips photo for licence


image library - cat drinking water licking lips

Staring Tabby cat photo for licence

image library - staring tabby cat

Stunning Russian Blue cat photo for licence

image library - stunning Russian Blue cat


Above are just a few of the cat images on offer for license. We look forward to hearing from you and please do ask if you are looking for a particular cat image.