Anita Kelsey is one of the leading experts in the field of cat behaviour and psychology and is often asked to write articles for specialist magazines such as Your Cat and The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. Click on a link below to Published articles by Anita Kelsey or interviews with Anita.

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Good Housekeeping magazine article December 2017




Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviourist


Interview in Local Newspaper:

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Interview with Katzenworld

Yours magazine issue 249 (05/07/2016) Bauer Media


Above photo by Patrick Boyd 

6 Of The Best Hotels From Around The World – Style Tails

cat behaviourist


Interview in Yours Magazine 7th July issue. Hard copy

Yours magazine article

Metro article

6 signs your cat really loves you

6 signs your cat really loves you

Style Tails

6 Cat Superstitions From Around The World

 Quoting in Daily Mirror on cat behaviour connected to Liz Hurley and her Bengal cat.

cat behaviourist London liz hurley and cat

Interview in Time Out issue 8th December 2015

Anita Kelsey Time Out Interview

Featured article on grooming aggressive cats for The Cat Magazine – Autumn Issue – Cats Protection.

grooming aggressive cats


Featured interview with head zoo keeper, Briony Smith,  at Big Cat Sanctuary  Kent

Your Cat August issue

cat behaviour explained

cat behaviouristAnita Kelsey interview


Friend Or Foe Are Foxes a Threat to Cats – May 2015 issue Your Cat Magazine
my fox article image

Main featured article – Does Your Cat Love You Back – Feb 2015 issue

Anita kelsey cat behaviourist

The fun of the indoors by Anita Kelsey December 2014 issue

cat behaviourist London

 Article for The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association – Grooming Aggressive Cats

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London cat behaviourist


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 An in-depth interview with Dr Sophia Yin


Last known Sophia Yin interview