Grooming aggressive or nervous cats

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Anita Kelsey is the only cat behaviour councillor who is also an expert in low stress cat grooming, using her knowledge and years of experience to when grooming aggressive or nervous cats.

She works differently to any other mobile cat groomer. Only one client a day gets her full attention which sometimes is needed for more difficult cases.

If you wish to enquire about grooming a nervous cat or grooming an aggressive cat then please email and an appointment will be discussed with you.

The above video shows Anita working for the first time with a 5 month old kitten who would not stay still and needed quick thinking solutions to get the groom finished. What could have been a difficult job turned into a stress free groom which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

The feedback from the client is below:

I must say that Anita was amazing. My little Coco is a very excitable kitten and likes to move around a lot. Anita made the whole process completely stress free for both Coco and I and you can see how gorgeous she looked afterwards. I would thoroughly recommend Anita to any cat owner who wants an expert and caring groomer as well as some very sound advice on their cat behaviour. Thank you x “

A cat showing a phobia towards grooming or a cat who is so fearful it becomes aggressive may be quite a challenge and needs thoughtful handling with the least stress possible. Some cases are so bad that only sedation can be offered along with a counter conditioning modification programme for cat and owner once the cat’s coat is matt free.

If you are struggling with a cat who is showing signs of an aversion to grooming then your best approach would be to book an appointment with Anita for an in-depth assessment of the situation. Anita is a specialist mobile cat groomer, trained in grooming all levels of cats, whether calm, anxious, elderly or aggressive


grooming aggressive or nervous cats


If you have found yourself on this page, are a cat guardian and live in London, then it’s more than likely that you will be seeking an expert cat groomer to visit your home to groom your aggressive or nervous cat.

Why does this professional cat groomer stands out:

  • Your cat groomer, Anita Kelsey, an accredited feline behaviourist, is experienced, fully trained, and able to visit your home anywhere in London and outside.
  • No archaic face muzzles or restraints ever used. Compassionate low stress handling techniques applied
  • Impeccable client references. Any clients can be contacted for further peace of mind
  • Expert in handling aggressive cats, difficult situations, shy cats or elderly cats
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Last minute bookings can be considered depending on diary
  • Your cat grooming tools checked and basic advice given to see you into the future.
  • Cat grooming under sedation can be arranged depending on circumstances
  • Day, evening or week-end appointments available
  • Anita loves cats and understands their behaviours and patterns.

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