Finding solutions for the best garden cat proofing

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It can be a daunting experience looking at your garden and wondering the best way to cat proof it so that your kitty can go outside.

I’ve been to many houses of in-door cats whereby the owners have a wonderful garden and yet keep their cat indoors. In some cases the poor cat has to watch other cats enjoying its garden and, when I see this happen, I feel very sad for the cat. It can cause immense stress for an in-door cat to not do what is second nature to it.

This web site: gives some great ideas on what to do in your garden to make it a cats heaven but also tips on cat proofing.

I wrote an article on my blog which goes into details regarding certain types of cat proofing and the companies that are good at it!

Get your thinking cap on and make your garden safe and fun for your kitty!

For any further advice please contact Anita Kelsey Cat Behaviour Counsellor on


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