Are you seeking the best feline interactive cat toys?

Interactive cat toys and play therapy are essential for a cats wellbeing especially an in-door cat. Play therapy promotes stimulation, hunting, exercise and human to cat bonding. All things a cat needs to remain alert and healthy.

Click on the  blog of Anita Kelsey to help you buy some of the best cat toys out there. She has had first hand with these toys and always see the best results from them. Many cat guardians tell her that their cat(s) don’t play and yet, with these toys to hand, she haven’t met a cat who doesn’t pounce of one of them.

best feline interactive cat toysbest feline interactive cat toys

Real fur and feather tobest feline interactive cat toysys can be exciting for your cat so make sure you source ethically.

Companies like Frenzy cat toys source their fur from animals who die naturally and who are protected species.

Rod toys are amazingly exciting for a cat and especially the great attachments you can get.

Thinking about the real prey of a cat will entice your in-door cat to chase, hunt and kill, just like in the wild. Something they will do naturally.

Should you wish to book a toy finding session with Certified Cat Behaviourist, Anita Kelsey, then please contact Anita visits your home with a car full of the best feline interactive cat toys so try out on your cat(s). It saves time and money from buying the wrong toys for your cats personality


best feline interactive cat toys


If you have found yourself on this page and are a cat guardian, with a few cat issues to iron out, or you wish to find out more about the best feline interactive cat toys or in-door cat stimulation it’s more than likely that you will be seeking a cat behaviourists advice or even a visit your home as part of a cat behaviour consultation.

Why book a cat behaviour consultation with Anita Kelsey:

  • Anita Kelsey has been studying cats for years and is fully accredited
  • Currently in her second year at university reading for a BA in Cat Psychology
  • Vet recommended and referred
  • Full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Impeccable client references
  • Support always given.
  • Easy to talk to and contact
  • Based in Notting Hill, London but will travel anywhere in the UK
  • International clients welcome
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Emails answered within 24 hours and cat behaviour consultations always treated as an emergency and appointments given straight away
  • Day, evening or week-end appointments available
  • Anita is a natural animal communicator
  • Specialised cat groomer. Behaviour consultations connected to grooming available
  • Anita’s living and breathing passion is cats and she understands their behaviours and patterns more than anyone

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