By Anita Kelsey © 2016.

As spring breathes life into our winter-weary bones, thousands of cat owners are preparing themselves for the onslaught of the dreaded moulting season, when black clothes, carpets and sofas get the unwanted attention of our pet’s excess fur. The shedding of fur is an obligation all cats strictly adhere to, with some breed of cats obliging us all year round. So, what can we do to help our furry taskmasters through this most arduous process?

The correct grooming tools are essential for creating a pleasant, positive experience between cat and owner, as well as being effective in keeping a cat’s loose fur at bay. Although fur balls are a normal process for cats, due to the natural digestion of fur during their grooming regime, regular combing can help reduce the amount of hair digested.

As a professional cat groomer and and behaviourist, I see many clients with inappropriate grooming tools, which makes their job so much harder (not to mention more stressful for the cat). To help make cat grooming a more xx affair, I have listed below my top five spring grooming tools for both long and shorthaired cat owners. The brands mentioned are not exclusively endorsed by me, but are used to give you a good idea of what to buy. Alternative brands are available.

mikki moulting comb for cats

The moulting comb is excellent for long hair breeds of cat such as Persians, British Long Hair, Norwegian Forests and Maine Coons. It is also excellent for shorthaired breeds with very thick coats such as the Exotic Short Hair and Russian Blues. The teeth have two different length rows which are adequately spaced apart, ensuring that both the top layers and undercoat get attention. The spacing of the comb also mean that it can glide through the coat with ease causing no discomfort to the cat (if matting is not already present).

mikki ball pin cat slicker brush


The soft pin slicker brush is excellent for removing further excess fur. It is best used after the coat has been thoroughly combed through and any matting removed, otherwise the brush may catch on any matting causing discomfort. The soft pins ensure that the brush doesn’t feel abrasive on the skin. Great for long or shorthaired cats.

Kong Zoom Groom Cat Brush


The Kong Zoom Groom is great for short haired moggies and long hair breeds such as Rag Dolls who have thin fly away hair. Excess fur clings to the rubber prongs allowing loose hair to be easily removed. It also acts as a massager that can stimulate the body as well as dislodge the loose underlay fur.

course hair cat comb


This pet comb is excellent for short haired breeds and has nicely spaced teeth which can move through a cats coat easily without causing any discomfort. It also has a long handle making it comfortable cat owners to use.

john paul pet wipes


I always use John Paul Pet Wipes to remove any light dirt from the body or paws. They are also great for skimming over the body after a good comb. Just to get the last of those pesky float away hairs.

Happy grooming and remember – always end every grooming session with a cuddle and a few healthy treats!

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***Original article written for on line pet magazine StyleTails. Featured cat photo by renowned cat photographer Robert Sijka.