I love finding great cat products so when I came across the cat scratchers and climbers  of Kalvens™ and asked to product review kalven cat scratchers I got very excited indeed!

Many clients of mine either buy small scratchers for their cats (when they were kittens) but forget about replacing them when their cheeky tinkers become adults or they buy inappropriate sized scratchers from the start which their cheeky cat then ignores.


At the recent 2017 Supreme GCCF cat show at NEC, Birmingham I met Steve setting up the Kalvens stand and was really impressed by the lovely array of large platformed climbers and tall sturdy cat scratching posts. I was given one of The Tower posts to try out with my two huge fussy Norwegian Forest Cats Kiki and Zaza.

Before I had the chance to put together the tower, with its base, my cats were competing over it. It was expected 😉

review of kalven cat scratchers by Anita Kelseyreview of kalven cat scratchers by Anita Kelsey

And for good reason!!!

product review kalven cat scratchers 

The Tower Cat Scratching Post is Chunky, heavy and built to last. Perfect for any cat but especially the larger breeds such as the Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest and Siberian Forest. Its lovely design is classy and simple and fits in with any decor. Apparently this cat tree was inspired by tales of people ‘acquiring’ traffic cones to make cat scratchers.

The tower is made from furniture grade chipboard with the base, tower, and top platform covered in durable ribbed carpet or in luxury wool blend tufted carpet. There is a good variety of base colours to choose from as well as platforms to please all kinds of catty personalities.

The base is quite large to make the tower sturdy but a wall bracket could also be used should you wish to slot the tower into a smaller space like I have without using the platform.

I would say these are the best cat scratchers I have come across so far and my cats have not wanted to get off of my sample since it arrived.

I will certainly be recommending this product to all of my cat behaviour and grooming clients.

Looking around their website is a joy. Lots of fantastic well made catty goodies such as sleeping pods and climbers, Activity trees, and outdoors climbers.

review of kalven cat scratchers by Anita Kelsey review of kalven cat scratchers by Anita Kelsey review of kalven cat scratchers by Anita Kelsey review of kalven cat scratchers by Anita Kelsey


product review kalven cat scratchers

For more information click HERE to go directly to Kalven’s contact page or click: https://www.kalven.co.uk/contact


They are based in the North of England but deliver all over the UK. Many breeders, as well as cat rescue centres, catteries and private owners use the products of Kalven.

With care and attention to detail plus a reasonable price tag on every product I will certainly be adding my name to the list too!