the Importance of climbing for indoor cats

By Anita Kelsey 2015


Cat trees and cat shelves have gone ballistic on the net. There are hundreds of designs of cat trees, wall shelves and Ikea DIY catification projects. Our cats have never been so lucky! If they wish to sleep or sit for hours on end that is!!!

But what about furniture for encouraging the natural act of climbing as they would outside. Cats love climbing trees and shimmying up things. The act of climbing up high is lacking in many cat furniture designs and I’m not talking about jumping from shelf to shelf either.

One UK company recognised the need to introduce climbing furniture to our feline friends especially the ones who are kept exclusively in-doors.

clinical animal behaviourist West LondonHicat make floor to ceiling poles to encourage movement and climbing and seem to have hit on an idea that many other companies have missed. It’s vital for in-door cats to release energy that would otherwise be released outdoors. Positioning a climbing pole next to shelves, which the cat can then run along, can be a fun activity especially if the owners join in with a laser pen or other hunting toys.

clinical animal behaviourist UKclinical animal behaviourist London

The climbing poles come in different sizes, some just plain climbing poles and others with hidey holes and climbing steps inside. A velcro wrap can be attached at the top to throw velcro balls at for extra fun!

How cool is that.

Most cats love to climb and, if you have the space, I would suggest you invest in a proper climber rather than another cat tree sleeper! There’s a big difference.

I met Mark, the founder of Hicat, a few weeks back. His passion for cats is clear and the philosophy behind the poles is to get our indoor cats enjoying the natural act of climbing up things as their fellow outdoor moggies do. There is nothing worse than seeing a bored cat. Actually there is! A depressed bored cat. Yes.. cats do suffer from depression. Chronic boredom can lead to anxieties and behaviour issues such as extreme over-grooming or obesity due to sleeping all day and lack of exercise.

Hicat has designed a range of climbers. The Polecat, The Fatcat, The Tomcat and The Bobcat. Do check their other links because each design comes with variables and many different finishes.

Check the video below to understand the Importance of climbing for indoor cats


If you wish to check out Hicat then visit the Website.

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Hicat deliver all over the UK as well as international.

Happy climbing kitties!!


I have been asked whether declawed cats can use these products. The answer sadly is no. Declawed cats have difficulty climbing and the material on the poles relies on the fact that the cat has their natural claws so can grip easily whilst climbing upwards. I am against the declawing of all cats and think it should be illegal worldwide. It is illegal in the UK.

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