By Anita Kelsey 2015

Incontinence in cats can be for a variety of reasons. From old age to a bladder infection to a neurological issue. See web site for full list of diagnosis.

Most people think of urine when they think of incontinence but what if the issue involved fecal incontinence?

It’s one of the hardest things for a cat guardian to cope with especially if their is no cure and involves management for the rest of the cat’s life.

Meet Smokey. He is that cat. A lovely friendly and happy go lucky chap with a neurological issue that vets are still baffled over. Smokey has no control over his toilet front and back. Apart from this unfortunate issue he is fit and healthy.

incontinence in cats

Smokey’s  elderly owner, Steve, has cared for him, for 15 years. I bath Smokey on a regular basis so I know how testing it has been but no one wants to give up on Smokey. We all have to pull together and this is where Smokey’s guardian angels have finally stepped in.

A few months back it suddenly dawned on me that Steve must be spending hundreds on puppy pads which are distributed around the home, wherever Smokey goes. I decided to write an email to 3 or 4 major puppy pad companies with a request for a small donation of pads. I didn’t hold my breath. Everything seems about money nowadays and good will is hard to come by. As the weeks went on I shrugged my shoulders and thought ‘Oh well’.. Worth a try. I didn’t tell Steve what I had done.

It was when my email request was fading from my memory that I was contacted by a lady who worked for Bob Martin Puppy Training Pads. Touched by Steve and Smokey’s story they offered to help. Within a few days a large box of 1000 pads was shipped over to Steve (free of charge), who was shocked and confused by the parcel awaiting on his doorstep.

The photo above shows Smokey, who has now lost the use of his back legs, sitting on his newly delivered pads. Don’t think Smokey doesn’t get around though.  He can move along on his front legs fast and with ease. He doesn’t let anything get in the way. Still purring, playing and eating; Smokey is one of a kind and we all love him.

So this really is a big shout out to all at Bob Martin UK for such a generous offer. It has made the world of difference to Steve, who rang me, completely shocked, to ask what the company will want from him! Steve, they want NOTHING!!!

There are some good people out there.



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