Romina & Pablo

Thank you Anita for your guidance with Pablo. To finally have a direction and understanding that he has behavioural patters and OCD, which in turn is what makes him overgroom to the point of selfharming, and the practical advice you have given me on how to handle this, is already having incredible results, not just for Pablo, but for me too! My vet tried everything, food allergies, dermatologist referral, depression pills, cortison pills over and over again, but none where really tackling the underlying cause. 

Following your advice on playtime, on outside access, on human/cat furniture balance, on my interactions with him, on understanding him more, and also, what it all means for me too..that I need to let him be, and continue to be patient and caring, have already made a massive difference. As you mentioned, this journey will be long term, but every little improvement I can see every day, reassures me that we are going in the right direction.

Thank you for the time and care you took when you came to meet us and for always checking and following up on us. Sometimes in the past I felt that everything that was happening with Pablo was because of me, that I was doing something wrong….but now, I understand, and that gives me peace, which I know Pablo feels too. Thank you from both of us, Pablo and Romi


OCD cat behaviour issues need expert handling and advice. Anita Kelsey is prolific at dealing with feline OCD and can offer in-depth advice and solutions after a home visit is arranged.

Pablo, above, was a difficult case but great success was achieved with compassion, patience and understanding of this condition.

If you are having issues with self harming and OCD with your cat then please do not hesitate in contacting Your enquiry will be handled as a matter of urgency.

OCD cat behaviour issues