Mara Hernandez – SE1 London – cat aggression issues solved

Tensions at home had been raising badly since my cat, Cochino, met my partner’s son (8 years old) and from day one grew a dislike for the little boy, who did nothing but try to befriend our pet and be nice to him.  Not being used to children, we thought in time he would just get used to his presence, but sadly we were wrong.  After all our failed attempts, Cochino started becoming even aggressive towards the child, to the point that the relationship with my partner was getting damaged due to all this conflict and that is when I decided to call Anita.  Anita took the time to listen to all of our concerns before meeting our cat, learn all about his past and current behaviours and how it was affecting us all to get along nicely.  Anita then met Cochino, who was immediately engaged by her and within 20 minutes of their interaction we had both cat and child in the same room, in what felt like a safe environment.  We continued to follow all the advice and guidance provided afterwards with extremely positive results, to the point where now they can even play together and have fun without anyone being concerned about safety in the room and within a happy atmosphere. 

We still keep monitoring the behaviour and enforcing all the routines and interactions we put in place in order to make things happen, which has made a real difference to our lives. 

We will always be grateful to Anita for all her help – she really talks to and understands cats in a way no other person can!

—————————–cat aggression issues solved

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Having an expert visit your home saves time and money in the long run = cat aggression issues solved.