Meet Kiki and Zaza

My lead trained cats 

I have two large Norwegian Forest cats who were lead trained at six months and are used to inner city traffic noises and being greeted by the neighbours or having their photo’s taken by tourists/passers by. Unfortunately we do not have a garden but that hasn’t stopped Kiki and Zaza from enjoying the great outdoors.

They always join myself and my husband on our regular trips to walk or climb in Wasdale, the Lake District. Our favourite UK place of all time. The kits love the fresh air, love the mountains and love spying on sheep although we keep them at a distance so as not to worry them!

Here’s some photo’s of Kiki and Zaza enjoying their time on our last trip.

Photo’s by Anita Kelsey except the last photo by Gordon Hulbert. Copyright 2015. Permission needed to use photo’s.

vet referred cat behaviourist  London
Nearly at the Inn


feline behaviour expert West London, UK
People take a double look as they pass by LOL
feline behaviour expert Notting Hill
Gordon with Zaza having a quiet moment
accredited feline behaviour practitioner
testing out the walls
cat behaviour doctor London
Where’s all the fish?
cat behaviour expert
What the hell are these?
Anita Kelsey Clinical animal behaviourist
Kiki looking for a camera


clinical animal behaviourist London
Ah, there it is. Strike a pose
feline behaviourist London
Coming back from a walk a little face is watching us out of the back window
cat behaviourist london
Relaxing by the waters edge
clinical cat behaviour expert London
Climbing the stile as one does
qualified feline behaviourist UK
The best view in the eatery!


cat whisperer UK
Is that a sheep behind me?
cat behaviour consultant UK
Warm in the cottage at Wasdale Inn
cat behaviour practitioner UK
Looking down on Lake Wastwater


feline behaviour expert
stopping for a pose
The UK's leading cat expert
Life is good when seen from trees
cat behaviour explained London
Enjoying the trees
feline behaviourist Kent
The best photo of all. Kiki owning Wastwater Lake! Photo taken on an Iphone by Gordon Hulbert


For more information on cats in the Lake District please contact