Subject: Allowing a pedigree cat outside

Meet Benji.

When I first met Benji he was anxious, constantly howling at the window and back door, pacing up and down with frustration. Benji is a beautiful male Bengal who was kept exclusively indoors. His male owner worked long days leaving Benji on his own for hours in a very un-inspiring flat. The flat had a lovely garden which Benji was not allowed out in. This really was a no brainer for me. I took one look at Benji and one look at the garden and told my client this cat had to go outside!!!

The Bengal breed of cat are highly intelligent high maintenance pets that need lots of stimulation. They hate being left alone. They are a perfect breed for training with puzzles and will play fetch with their human caretakers. They are also a breed easy to train walking on a lead.

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Benji was going out of his mind with boredom. Tormented with looking out at a lovely garden which he didn’t have access too, I personally thought, was cruel. I told my client to get Benji microchipped, get him a collar, a cat flap and let him roam. The house wan’t on a busy road and it was hugged either side by many gardens as well as a forest at the back. It was perfect and to stop Benji slowly going insane the only way forward was to let him taste some freedom. The photo’s say it all. Benji ceased all unwanted howling and started playing and being a happy relaxed cat. He even learnt some fetch games.

Sometimes common sense has to prevail. Cats are animals at the end of the day, not objects and if a cat is that miserable being kept inside then a cat guardian has to do the right thing. If they have a garden and don’t live on a busy road, then it’s better to give a cat quality of life over quantity. Benji’s owner had to let go, not be so over protective, and listen to what Benji was trying to tell him. I heard it loud and clear. I am so happy his owner did too.


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