Cats like space and wouldn’t necessarily chose to live with another or other cats. When humans put many cats together it can cause major stress and heightened tensions for space and territory. Cats do not need a ‘furry friend’ the majority of the time although it can be nice, if a cat guardian has the space, to get two kittens instead of one.

To ensure your cat harem have a happy stress free life together, and there isn’t multi cat household tensions, one must consider the size of their home, lots of vertical space, multi exit and entrance points in the cats are free roaming, multi litter trays and feeding stations.

An aggressor in the household could cause extreme anxiety in another cat without the human caretaker realising what is happening. Signs can be really subtle which a normal lay person may not notice to out and out aggression upsetting to all.

Multi cat household tensions

If you are having issue regarding multi cat household tensions and wish to speak and share your concerns then maybe a cat behaviour consultation in your home, with all cats present, is the way forward. Anita Kelsey, Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, who has studied cats all of her life, will be able to walk you through what is actually happening and give you firm instructions on how to deal with it so that a happy household can once again resume. Sometimes it may not be possible to get your cats to like one another but getting to a stage or them being able to TOLERATE each others presence may be the only outcome.

Please email if you are concerned with multi cat household tensions or any other cat behaviour issue and Anita will be happy to listen and arrange a home visit. Most visits are vet referred so please do speak with your vet.

All enquires are most welcome.