Feline predatory aggression

Predation is normal for cats. If your cat is hunting for prey, killing that prey and eating/teasing it then things are normal. Feline Predatory aggression is when your cat is stalking humans or other cats in the home, treating them like prey and being aggressive. It can be very daunting living with a cat showing signs of feline predatory aggression which is very different from other types of aggression.

Before any feline aggressive behaviours are corrected and modified one must determine which type of aggression the cat is displaying. For this you will probably need a cat behaviour expert to visit your home and watch the body posture of your cat as well as view its territory and possibly have the chance to see any unwanted behaviours in action.

Feline predatory aggression

Anita Kelsey is an expert in the field of cat behaviour and has worked closely with many aggressive behaviours in cats. She is also called upon by many veterinarians requiring assistance, for their clients, with grooming a cat that has a phobia or fear based aggression towards being grooming. Her behaviour studies has helped turn many dire situations around.

If you wish to book a cat behaviour consultation to discuss feline predatory aggression please initially email Anita on info@catbehaviourist.com or ask your vet to contact Anita.

All enquiries are treated with respect, urgency and confidence.