help with my cat who fears strangers – Dan Holland testimonial

We have been working with Anita for a few months and she has been amazing help. Our cat has been diagnosed with a fear of strangers and we are seeing continual improvement week by week. Anita is knowledgeable, professional and personable working with us to make decisions to best support Misty through her phobia.

help with my cat who fears strangers


help with my cat who fears strangers

Anita Kelsey is one of the top feline behaviourists in the UK and is used to clients coming to her to ask for help with their cat’s fear of people.

Her expertise will:

  • Identify the source of behavioural issues in cats
  • Develop individualised behaviour modification plans
  • Educate owners on proper cat care and behaviour
  • Provide advice on managing cats behaviour in the home
  • Monitor and evaluate behaviour modification progress
  • Train cats to respond to basic commands
  • Utilise the latest scientificallysupported techniques in the field
  • Work with owners to create a positive living environment for cats

Anita has had many cases working with challenging cats such as feral kittens / cats and cats that have phobias and no cat is left behind.

Anita welcomes all enquiries and will be very clear as to the costs involved and what the costs represent.

Please EMAIL a brief sentence explaining your issue with your cat plus your address and you will receive direction and advise.

Misty and her owners have been really pleased with the work so far and you can read the genuine review on Google Maps

help with my cat who fears strangers