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Our youngest cat “Troy” is a 3.5 year old RagaMuffin and over the past year or so has become very overly attached to my wife Sharon. He constantly bit onto her hair or clothing and tried mating with her arm or leg. Troy hated being left alone and had separation issues when away from my wife. He was also chasing our other 2 cats away and jumping on them when ever they came close to my wife. After consulting with our vet about this, we were referred to Anita Kelsey for help. After an initial online consultation with Anita, she visited our home in March 2023 and spent an afternoon with us to review our situation. She gave us a valuable insight into Troy’s behaviour and provided us with an in-depth report detailing suggestions and actions we should take to improve things. We’ll we followed all of Anita’s valuable advice and now things at home have improved dramatically and both us and our cat family now live in harmony ❤️ We can’t thank Anita enough for all her help and we thoroughly recommend her services and expertise to anyone seeking help and understanding to overcome any behavioral issues with your cats 🐈

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Anita’s consultancy is vet referred but once she gets a referral you will be given a home visit as soon as possible, usually within a week or less.

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For feline behaviour issues solved owners need to solve the issue early, should problems arise. They need professional help and benefit most from a home visit where expert advice can be give.

This persian cat help service comes highly recommended and Anita leaves no stone unturned to find the best possible solutions to each individual issue.

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