I can never get enough of praising a company whose products I adore and the cat toy company Purrs In Our Hearts is one such company that always gets me excited, especially when new products are announced.

I was lucky enough to be sent some new product to review and, incidentally, the toys arrived just as my cats were celebrating their 12th birthday! Lucky cats!

The new toys Kiki and Zaza tried out are the range called Peekee. They are rod style ‘hunting’ toys designed to play under rugs, newspaper and doors. You get the idea I’m sure. The rod is long and flexible designed for ‘under things’ games with a hook at the end for a variety of fun attachments. Kiki and Zaza loved all of the attachments from the Rainbow Tails to the Hare Fur (sourced ethically!). Click HERE to read more about how the fur for the toys is sourced and the ethics involved.

Purrs In Our Hearts new cat toys review
Long flexible wand
Rainbow Tails
Hare attachment


What’s so good about the Purrs In Our Hearts new cat toys?

Purrs In Our Hearts new cat toys are designed to excite and engage and are perfect for tapping into the little hunter inside every cat. The rod/wand design means that many attachments can be interchanged making it feel like a brand new cat toy for your cat every time. This way your little tyke cannot possibly get bored. I was only sent a few of the attachments for this new range (as highlighted above) but there are plenty of different attachments to choose from with more being designed as we speak!

To prove how good they are.. Here’s Zaza after 5 seconds of introducing her to the Purrs In Our Hearts new cat toys.

Some of my clients worry about the fur toy attachments. However, Purrs In Our Hearts have sourced their fur range ethically where the animals were not killed for their fur and have lived a good and natural life.

All of my clients receive information on these toys and I believe no other company comes close to tapping into what cats love to play with. Forget the plastic and wooden toys. Cats love things that resemble what they would kill in the wild or things that wiggle and have the motion like the small critters they would chase outside, given half the chance!!. For indoor cats especially, these toys can ward off a lifetime of boredom and lethargy.

Of course, Purrs In Our Hearts also sell the old favs such as the Purrsuit ( a bird like attachment on a rod) which in shown in the featured image at the top. This toy’s wand can be used with over 70 other attachments! Your cat will be exhausted with all the fun and frolics.

If you order any toys from this LINK you can use the code 9900 to receive a 10% discount.


I was not paid for this review but can say, hand on heart, that I always recommend the Purrs In Our Hearts new cat toys, and old ones for that matter, to any cat behaviour or cat grooming client as a must have in their cat’s toy box.

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  • Top featured photo taken by Kerry Ann Day. Cat is called Alvin.

Purrs In Our Hearts new cat toysABOUT THE AUTHOR

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Purrs In Our Hearts new cat toys