Southwark Cathedral cat chat with Hodge The Cat


It was such a fun day on Saturday 6th August when I was invited to give a chat as part of the famous yearly Cat Stories , at South Cathedral, presented by the also famous cat Hodge!

Southwark Cathedral cat chat with Hodge The Cat

I jumped on the train early in the morning from sunny Hastings with a coffee in hand and a heavy suitcase full of my two books Claws & Let’s Talk About Cats. Southwark Cathedral cat chat with Hodge The Cat was the highlight of my week-end.

Southwark Cathedral cat chat with Hodge The Cat


Luckily for me a lovely train passenger helped me get my heavy suitcase onto the platform at London Bridge whereby I proceeded to haul my stash of books to the amazingly beautiful Southwark Cathedral.

The day was shared with lots of other speakers including The Cat Vet Dr Jo Lewis and author behaviourist Celia Hammond.

It’s the first time I have met both ladies and it was lovely all sharing our books and expertise at this ticketed event, which ended with a Q&A panel.














My talk was about my book Claws, which is a collection of true stories when I was a mobile cat groomer in and around London. The presentation was done in an interview style hosted by Mandy Bell, a wonderful interviewer. It was so much fun speaking about the cats I have groomed as well as a few special clients.

Southwark Cathedral cat chat with Hodge The CatWe received plenty of laughs which is just what we wanted. It’s always good to be light hearted with some presentations and not be so serious about the cats we love.

That was for the other presentations but mine was light and funny and even the Tv presenter Benjy Potter was laughing away, enjoying every minute of it.

After my talk I was able to chat to some of the audience and sign both books, which was a joy.

It’s so lovely to receive support from cat lovers and also to pass on information in a manner that brings smiles and light relief.

After the event had finished I rushed to meet the most important cat in the UK. HODGE!

Southwark Cathedral cat chat with Hodge The Cat























After a quick mindful head rub it was time to say goodbye.

Another successful day educating and having some laughs with the adorable UK cat lovers.

Until next time……

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Thank you for your kind support.

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