international cat behavior consultantThis page is for cat owners seeking advice from international cat behavior consultant Anita Kelsey.

Many cat owners seek advice from around the world. Enquiries for cat behavior consultations in the UK are usually dealt with by a home consultation. However, email or skype consultations can be offered for cat owners who really need help and support but who live too far for a home visit to be practical. For example: If you are a cat owner in the US, Europe, Japan or elsewhere around the world, you may be experiencing cat problems such as multi cat aggression, elimination outside of the litter box, feline anxiety or stress. There are few species specific behavior consultants and so Anita has opened her consultancy for international enquiries.

International enquiries still need referrals from a veterinary practice.

Cat behaviour consultations are dealt with in the same way as consults in the UK. Payment is required before an organised skype session or email report.

Your international cat behavior consultant, Anita Kelsey, will send you an extensive behaviour report explaining your cat’s issues and a plan to change the unwanted behaviors. Support is given just the same as a cat behavior consultation in the UK, which is via email.

international cat behavior consultant

Anita openly welcomes all cat behaviour enquiries however big or small and now welcomes enquiries from all around the world.

To take the first step to seeking advice from an international cat behavior consultant email Your email will be answered as soon as possible and you will be guided through the process to see how you wish to proceed.

international cat behavior consultant