This is a cat tree king climber review by Anita Kelsey UK feline behaviourist

I have been recommending the study chunky feline climbers of the brand Cat Tree King for quite some time now and so I was delighted when they kindly donated one of their climbers to a cat client of mine called Candi.

I recpricated this generous offer by telling them I would give a free review of their products. I will stress now that I wasn’t paid for this review which is my honest and genuine oppinon.

Candi is a very sweet rescue with the most amazing white fur and two different colour eyes – one blue and one light green. She was placed in several homes with other animals and both homes she failed to flourish in. In one of the homes she was bullied relentlessly by another cat and this was probably when she started to pull her fur out.


cat tree king climber review
Candi at the rescue centre

The rescue Candi was handed back to, after two failed rehomings, were very sad to see how much she had retreated into herself and were very concerned about her over grooming. It was obvious that Candi did not do well surrounded by other cats and also, with such a strange setting, it became obvious people needed to get it right third time around.

My human client, who had recently lost a much beloved cat to a road traffic accident, contacted me to help her find the right cat for her home and individual set of circumstances.

I started to look online at the cats in various rescue centres in London and East Sussex and that is when I came upon Candi. I knew she would be perfect for my client and so steps were put into place to go visit her. Initially the rescue had said that Candi had a reserve on her so my client thought Candi was not available any more. However, when she went to visit the other cats in the home she found a beautiful white moon face with stunning eyes staring back at her. Luckily for us, the people who had reserved Candi had not turned up to take her home.

cat tree king climber review
Candi in her new forever home


I contacted Cat Tree King because my client was struggling with buying Candi all the things she needed. I offered to do a review of the climber – The Maine Coon Lounge – in exchange for Candi receiving the climber.

cat tree king climber review

Lucky for Candi Cat Tree King agreed and within less than a week Candi had her present from them. My client and Candi couldn’t have been happier.

I shall now review this climber but actually I love all of the cat products from this brand as I haven’t found many other climbers that are capable of taking the weight of the big breed cats such as The Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest, British short hairs, Siberians & Ragdolls as well as being perfect for a multi cat household.

Cat Tree King is a dutch company. Their products are made well and they have heavy bases making them sturdy, which is what all cats need to feel secure.

What I like about this climber that Candi was kindly sent is the fact that it is fairly compact and has a nice heavy base and nice fat scratcher posts. The platforms are of a good size so cats can spread/stretch out on them and the colours are really lovely with material that feels luxurious.

The large step/platform means it is easy for a cats to reach the very large lying place at the top, which has a removable and washable 5cm thick pillow. Luxury indeed.

Here’s Candi enjoying her wonderful gift not long after it was assembled.

cat tree king climber review


Cats need climbers to stimulate them, to stretch their arms and paws, to scratch and to relax on. They play an important role in a cat’s life and are especially important for multi-cat households.

A nervous cat is more likely to stay in the same room if they can feel secure and be up high and this works well if a cat is scared of children. If there are two cats that do not get on climbers help to relieve tensions, with one cat perhaps choosing to be up high and another on the floor.

All of my clients that have chosen a cat climber from Cat Tree King have loved them and, although they are more expensive than some other climbers, they are extremely well made, meaning that they can last the life time of the cat. This means it is an investment that is worth it and saves money in the long run! A bit like choosing good furniture for the humans in the home.

I give cat Tree King and the Maine Coon Lounge 5 stars and Candi agrees with me. It is hard to get her off of it!!

cat tree king climber review


Thank you Cat Tree King!!

Please visit: to see all of the products on offer.




Anita Kelsey holds a first class honours degree in Feline Behaviour and Psychology (work based BA Hons) and runs a vet referral service dedicated strictly to the diagnosis and treatment of behaviour problems in cats. She is also a qualified cat groomer and specialises in grooming challenging or phobic cats. Anita, a strong advocate of a vegan lifestyle, is based in East Sussex but consults all over the UK as well as international requests. She lives with her husband, a music producer, and 1 Norwegian Forest cat, Kiki.

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Her first book ‘Claws. Confessions Of A Professional Cat Groomer‘ was published by John Blake in 2017 with her second book, Let’s Talk About Cats self published via Amazon worldwide in 2020. The Little Book Of Extraordinary Cats is Anita’s third book out now 2024.

cat tree king climber review